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“Delivering quality foot / lower extremity care, throughout America.” We look forward to providing you proven quality medical care, and would be happy to speak with your facility and staff personally.  

Foot Care Across America (FCAA) provides onsite foot care to Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Assisted Living Facilities (ALF), and Rehabilitation Centers throughout the USA. While we focus on the lower extremity, our board eligible and certified physicians never forget about the patient as a whole. Many of our clinicians serve your local community and prompt referral to a needed specialist can easily be done.  

Foot Care Across America has satellite offices throughout the country. Personalized care and excellent customer service is our goal. Foot Care Across America completes the necessary paperwork to ensure your residents and patients come first and foremost.  

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Foot Care Across America (FCAA) consists of a close knit group of nationwide physicians, all similarly...